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The Spirit of Namaste: Honoring the Yoga Tradition

August 13, 2023

At the end of a yoga class, you may have noticed your instructor and fellow practitioners placing their palms together at the heart center, bowing slightly, and saying “Namaste नमस्ते.” This ancient Indian salutation holds deep spiritual significance, but its place in modern yoga classes may vary. In this blog, we will explore the meaning and cultural context of “Namaste,” discuss its significance in yoga, and consider whether incorporating this traditional gesture into your practice holds personal value.

Understanding Namaste: Beyond the Literal Translation

“Namaste” is a Sanskrit word with a rich cultural heritage and a multi-layered meaning. Translated literally, it can be understood as “I bow to you” or “The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.” The essence of Namaste lies in acknowledging the inherent connection and shared divine essence present in all living beings. It fosters a sense of respect, humility, and unity, transcending the boundaries of individuality. 

Namaste in the Context of Yoga

In traditional yoga practice, saying Namaste is a way for teachers and students to honor the spiritual dimension of yoga. It serves as a moment of reverence and gratitude, a reminder of the profound journey taken together during the class. Saying Namaste is an acknowledgment of the sacred space that has been co-created and a recognition of the teacher’s guidance in facilitating that experience. 

The Personal Choice

As yoga has evolved and spread across the globe, the use of Namaste at the end of classes has become a matter of personal choice for both instructors and students. Some teachers embrace this tradition wholeheartedly, while others may choose not to use it in their classes due to cultural sensitivity or personal beliefs. Similarly, students may feel inclined to participate in this gesture, or they may prefer to offer a simple “thank you” or a smile as a sign of gratitude.

The Intent Behind Namaste

Whether or not Namaste is spoken aloud after a yoga class, the essence of this gesture resides in the heart. The true intent of Namaste is not confined to the words themselves, but rather to the genuine feeling of appreciation, respect, and connection that one holds for oneself, their teacher, and their fellow practitioner. It is an acknowledgment of the shared journey toward self-awareness and spiritual growth.


In the realm of yoga, Namaste stands as a powerful symbol of unity, humility, and reverence. It carries the potential to deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness and shared divinity – something we consider very important at Coquihalla. While the practice of saying Namaste at the end of a yoga class can add a sense of tradition and spirituality, it is essential to remember that its true essence lies in the intention behind the gesture. Whether spoken or felt in the heart, Namaste serves as a beautiful reminder of the collective journey we embark upon each time we step onto our mats. So, as you continue to explore the transformative path of yoga, embrace the spirit of Namaste in whichever way resonates with your soul.

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