A transformative journey at an idyllic yoga haven, where ancient wisdom meets modern serenity. Immerse yourself in profound yogic practices at Coquihalla to find harmony through yoga philosophy, unveil inner truths with introspective rituals, and lead your way to a holistic awakening.

As the Retreat Manager at Coquihalla, you will be responsible for curating and coordinating an exceptional retreat experience for our guests. Your expertise in hospitality, event management, and passion for wellness will be key in ensuring that our guests have transformative and rejuvenating experiences. If you have a strong background in hosting and leading retreats, along with being a dedicated yoga practitioner, we invite you to apply for this fulfilling opportunity.

Preferred job requirements

We are seeking a Retreat Manager who embodies our core values and philosophy while consistently delivering exceptional guest experiences. The ideal candidate should be curious about holistic wellness, eager to learn and practice various wellness modalities, and possess strong communication skills to foster positive connections with guests and team members. Attention to detail and a commitment to tidiness are vital attributes to ensure retreats are flawlessly coordinated. The Retreat Manager should exhibit the ability to uplift and motivate others with “Maitri” while following our community guidelines and embodying a friendly and approachable demeanor. A positive outlook and an unwavering dedication to meeting our guest’s needs at all times are essential traits we look for in our Retreat Manager.

The following would make the candidate a preferred choice for the role of Retreat Manager.

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in hosting/leading retreats, events, or hospitality roles.
  • RYT® 200 certification as a dedicated yoga practitioner.
  • Additional certifications and completed courses in the wellness field are considered a plus.
  • Demonstrated commitment to embracing our philosophy and community guidelines, aligning with our holistic wellness vision.

Selection Criteria

For location-based roles: Applicants will be selected for the retreat locations where events are scheduled to be held. For example, if a retreat is happening in Bali, we will reach out to the applicants in Bali during the preparation phase for that specific event. Once applicants apply, their applications will be kept on file. They may not receive communication from us until we organize a retreat in their area. To be considered for potential locations other than their own, candidates must mention their openness to other locations in the email. Upon reaching out to them, we will provide the next steps, including dates, timings, and role-specific details, and proceed with an interview if the above criteria are met.

For full-time roles: We will initiate contact with candidates who fulfill the selection criteria and will share further details and requirements.

How to apply

Interested candidates may submit their application via email at contact@coquihalla.com. Kindly include your resume and a cover letter. You may provide a letter of recommendation and any other supporting documents you deem relevant to your application.

We Follow Covid-19 Guidelines

At Coquihalla, your well-being comes first. We are committed to the health and safety of our community. Read our Covid-19 guidelines here.