A transformative journey at an idyllic yoga haven, where ancient wisdom meets modern serenity. Immerse yourself in profound yogic practices at Coquihalla to find harmony through yoga philosophy, unveil inner truths with introspective rituals, and lead your way to a holistic awakening.

Sustainability Commitment

Our Belief

We believe that true well-being extends beyond the individual and encompasses our planet. Creating positive, lasting impacts that extend far beyond ourselves is essential for fostering harmony and balance in our lives. With a steadfast belief to be sustainable, we are not just building a company; we are nurturing a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Our Commitment

Coquihalla's commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We embed eco-friendly principles into every facet of our operations, ensuring that our products and experiences align with our values. From meticulously sourcing materials for our products to curating inclusive yoga retreats and teacher training courses, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Balanced Living

Mindfulness Meets Sustainability

At Coquihalla, we're dedicated to infusing sustainability throughout our journey. Explore how we're shaping a greener future and promoting global responsibility.

Supporting Small Businesses

We are passionate about empowering small businesses by sourcing products from small artisans and makers, to help them thrive and also ensure that our offerings are unique and handmade with care.

BIPOC Friendly

Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our choice of partners for our mindfulness subscription boxes. We actively seek to collaborate with BIPOC businesses, fostering a more inclusive economy.

LGBTQ+ Supportive

We proudly embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Our commitment to being LGBTQ-friendly is woven into our culture and our yoga retreats. At Coquihalla, love is love, and wellness is for everyone.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Products

Our commitment to animal welfare means that our products are kind to both animals and the planet, and you can enjoy our yoga retreats and mindfulness subscription boxes with a clear conscience.

Ethically Sourced Products

We take pride in ensuring that every product for yoga subscription box and retreat is responsibly sourced. By prioritizing ethical practices, we aim to uplift communities and promote fair trade.

Culture-Rich Products

We take pride in selecting culture-rich products that celebrate diverse traditions and heritage. By doing so, we promote cultural appreciation and support artisans who keep these traditions alive.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

We go to lengths to reduce our carbon footprint by making efforts such as carefully selecting eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Sustainable Practices

To commit to sustainability, we work mindfully, focusing on conserving resources. Our premium subscription boxes and luxury yoga retreats are designed with sustainability in mind.

Community Giving

We believe in giving back to the community and contribute to meaningful change. Ten percent of all proceeds from yoga retreats are donated to charities and initiatives that make a positive impact.



Partner with us to showcase your eco-friendly innovations, sustainable practices, or locally sourced products to our community of seekers with our yoga retreats and mindfulness subscription boxes.

Let's co-create mindful experiences and amplify impact of our shared commitment to sustainability.

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Our deep-seeded intent to help people lead better lives has driven us to create experiences that shape new worldviews and gently push people to do exceptional inner work.

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Empowering the transformative practices of yoga, Coquihalla being a Mindful Living Haven guides you on a path to a harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle rooted in self-love.

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Our philosophy nurtures the seeds of yoga with the waters of mindfulness, creating a harmonious space for personal growth and self-discovery.