A transformative journey at an idyllic yoga haven, where ancient wisdom meets modern serenity. Immerse yourself in profound yogic practices at Coquihalla to find harmony through yoga philosophy, unveil inner truths with introspective rituals, and lead your way to a holistic awakening.

Our mission

Coquihalla is an immersion in the rejuvenating power of yoga. We are committed to enabling you to commence your unique path to mental well-being.

Our approach is meticulously crafted to respect the distinctiveness of each participant, achieved through Yoga Retreats, Mindfulness Subscription Boxes and everything in between.

Our vision

Coquihalla is not just an escape from everyday life; it's the catalyst that infuses your existence with purpose and joy.

Embrace the journey, and experience our Corporate Yoga Retreats and Sound Healing Teacher Trainings for a life where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and each day brings a new bliss.

What Makes Coquihalla Stand Out

The Coquihalla experience is a blend of thoughtfully picked elements that inspirit your journey of mindfulness.

Supportive self-connection

Connect with your inner self in a supportive yoga community that shares your experience and reminds you of your inner strength.

Time-honored Yoga

Discover yogic traditions that enable mindful living with the help of expert Yogacharyas as you foster a deeper connection with your ultimate purpose.

Practical techniques

Learn to navigate life's challenges with equanimity and embrace each experience with a renewed sense of clarity using mindfulness techniques.

Founder’s story

Our founder, Garima, carefully crafted Coquihalla by drawing from her personal life and insights gained throughout her own journey. With a deep understanding of the support she once sought, she curated a yoga experience that empowers others to live a mindful life, embracing grace in every aspect.

Our Philosophy

Life is nothing but a string of experiences, each with its unique knots and twists that bring joy and pain. At Coquihalla, we help you discover ways to influence your experiences and connect with the purpose that makes life a graceful journey.

Stories of Transformation

I had never been to a retreat before, and was very anxious before reaching there. But as soon as I entered through the gates, I knew I was in the right place. The energy, the nature, the people, everything was so rejuvenating. Coquihalla was exactly what I needed to start fresh and live more mindfully.

Alex Q.
29, Med Student

Stories of Transformation

My experience at Coquihalla was unlike any other. I was able to let go of the constant stress I had been feeling at work and successfully focused on connecting with myself. The Yogacharyas were very helpful throughout the retreat and made me feel very motivated to turn my life around.

Grace B.
54, Marketing Manager

Stories of Transformation

I will be forever grateful to Coquihalla Mindfulness for helping me get over my drinking problem. It makes sense now why nothing else was working. It was because I needed a whole new environment that was healthy and healing like Coquihalla.

James L.
62, General Manager

Stories of Transformation

I think the best part about the Coquihalla Mindfulness retreat is the community. I met like-minded people who were also looking to reinvent themselves and that made me feel less lonely in my struggles. I immediately felt a sense of belonging and motivation to work on myself.

Lynda W.
26, Painter

Stories of Transformation

The Agni Yajna and the Soma Sadhnas were two very new experiences for me. They helped me align with my inner, truer self and be more present in the moment. The Yogacharyas and the staff were also very kind. Coquihalla was rejuvenating.

Jade L.
30, Designer

Stories of Transformation

There are no words that can describe the spiritual journey Coquihalla helped me take. It is almost a necessity in such a fast-paced world that we have built for ourselves. Definitely coming back for another session soon.

Richard T.
40, CEO

Stories of Transformation

The Coquihalla Retreat was such a blessing in my life. It is wonderful how they have managed to create such a calm and mindful environment. I could finally sit with my thoughts and process them because of this distraction-free retreat.

Geet M.
44, Corporate employee

Stories of Transformation

I have come back recently from the Coquihalla retreat having had the most incredible experience. Not only did I learn about meditation, but I also imbibed the habit to practice it with the pranayama sessions. My life has completely changed for the better and I’m never not meditating again!

Andrew J.
23, Student

Stories of Transformation

It was the most tranquil and immersive experience of my life! The beautiful place, the delicious food, the enlightening workshops, the supportive community, everything collectively helped me heal. I miss the place yet I know I’m going to take it with myself forever.

Ava P.
36, Physician

Your guides

Our Yogacharyas

With expertise in Yogic practices, our Yogacharyas serve as your guides, supporting you at every stage of life on your journey towards enhanced well-being.

Garima S.

A Holistic Living Coach, Ayurveda Expert, Certified Tibetan Sound Healer, and 500-hour Yoga Instructor with a focus on Trauma Healing, specializing in Yoga Philosophy, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, and Breathwork / Pranayama.

Pranay S.

A Certified Tibetan Sound Healer, Chakra Stabilizing Guide, and Bhagavad Gita Philosophy Expert with 1200-hour Advanced Yoga Certification and specialties in Mantra Chanting and Breathwork / Pranayama.

Anil C.

A Certified Advanced Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Instructor with over 16 years of experience in Yoga Asana, Philosophy, Bhagavad Gita, and Breathwork / Pranayama.

Dheeraj R.

A Certified 900-hr Advanced Yoga Instructor with Masters in Yogic Sciences and Yoga Therapy Practitioner with expertise in Yoga Asanas, Philosophy, Shat Kriyas, and Breathwork / Pranayama.

Gursimran K.

A certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher with in-depth knowledge of Yoga Asanas, Yoga Sutras, and Breathwork / Pranayama.