A transformative journey at an idyllic yoga haven, where ancient wisdom meets modern serenity. Immerse yourself in profound yogic practices at Coquihalla to find harmony through yoga philosophy, unveil inner truths with introspective rituals, and lead your way to a holistic awakening.

Are all the teachers present and available at all retreats?

No, the availability of teachers varies with the location of the retreat.

Can I join the retreat if I have any health issues?

Of course! Our retreat is designed to help you deal with mental and physical obstacles. Please share information about your health concerns in the retreat wellness questionnaire so we can help you in every way we can.

Do we need to be COVID-19 vaccinated to attend the retreat?

While it is not a regulation, we highly recommend that you are vaccinated. At Coquihalla, your well-being comes first. We are committed to the health and safety of our community.  Read our Covid-19 guidelines here.

Can I change my roommate once I am there?

We request that you make any such appeals at least 30 days in advance. We cannot guarantee to accommodate such changes past that timeframe.

Can I bring my own coffee?

We recommend sticking to the food provided during the retreat to see the maximum benefits of the program.

Are we allowed to smoke/drink at the premises?

No, we do not permit the use of alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigarettes or any other drugs during the retreat. Some retreat locations also have strict no-smoking and/or no-drinking policies in and around the premises and you may be prohibited by law to use certain drugs in certain locations.

May I bring my medications?

Yes, we highly recommend that you bring any medications you use or you feel like you may need.

Should I bring my supplements or protein?

Feel free to bring any supplements that you consume on a regular basis.

Can I order meat from outside?

We recommend sticking to the food provided during the retreat to see the maximum benefits of the program.

The website says that the food provided is Sattvic, what does that include?

A Sattvic diet typically includes vegetarian food items without garlic onion and caffeine. Rest assured, the food will be delicious, healthy, and nutritious!